The KahLua Project

KahLua aims to be a suite of World of Warcraft addons that provides "one stop shopping" for most raiders. I have big plans for KahLua, but I am starting off small. The first part of the project is the Konfer loot distribution system. The Suicide Kings edition of Konfer is already done, and I will be adding the EP/GP version soon.

All KahLua mods are licensed under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0 which allows you to freely use, distribute and modify things to your heart's content. Although you are free to host and distribute KahLua on any web site you see fit, I would humbly request that rather than hosting it, you point users to this site. It allows me to better gauge how many users are downloading and using the mods, and will ensure that users will always have access to the latest and greatest versions. When things get hosted elsewhere it is fairly easy for them to become out of date.

I am writing KahLua because I enjoy writing code. You will not find any donation buttons here. The best reward you can give me is to use something I wrote to improve your gaming experience. Telling me it did is more than enough. Even better is if you can find ways to improve what I have done, or find and report bugs. There is only so much testing I can do in isolation without disrupting my guild so I rely heavily on feedback from anyone who uses any part of KahLua to make it a better mod for all. Please always feel free to comment on the forums on this site, on Curse Gaming or by sending me mail.

Patch 7.3.x Update


All current KahLua modules have been updated to work with patch 7.3.x. You can download them over here.