Current version: r731 (released 2017-12-11)

Konfer (PUG Edition)

Konfer PUG Edition (hereafter refered to simply as KPUG) is a loot distribution addon for pick-up groups (PUGs) that use open rolls for determining winners. It is designed to make the looting process as quick and efficient as possible and offers a very clean, simple user interface. It was inspired by the roll manager in Konfer Suicide Kings Edition, which many users really liked and wanted to be split into a separate mod. This is it, on steroids.

Here are some of the features that help make the loot process easy and quick, as well as some other reasons why you may want to use KPUG.

  • Supports main spec (1-100) and off-spec (101-200) rolls.
  • Directly assign loot to users through the KPUG loot window.
  • Supports decayed rolls (where a user's maximum roll is decreased by a configurable amount each time they win a roll).
  • Easily switch a users roll between main spec and off-spec.
  • Remove any user's roll.
  • Record loot assignment history.
  • Allows you to record user attributes and skill level for finding members for future PUGs.
  • Send messages directly from the user list.
  • Automatically assign loot to the highest roller, no need to go back to the Blizzard user interface.
  • Assign loot no-one rolled on to an enchanter.

This isn't rocket science and this mod won't exactly rock your world but if you tend to run PUGs a lot it may really help make looting less painful. I hope you like it.