World of Warcraft addon sites

  • Curse Gaming
    Arguably one of the most popular addon sites, it is home to many of the most popular addons. Pretty easy to navigate although its search function leaves a lot to be desired.
  • WoW Interface
    Another very popular addon site, home to a fair number of commonly used projects. Just my personal taste, but I do not care for its layout and navigation. I often find it fairly difficult to find exactly what I am looking for but the site is well maintained and frequently updated.
  • WOWUI at INC Gamers
    Another very useful site, but tends to be very flakey on patch day, and does not update quite as often as Curse and WowInterface. Very crisp, easy to naviage site though, and seems to be the home of a few of the more obscure addons that aren't hosted elsewhere. Very much worth a look.
  • WowAce
    Home to the Ace3 addon framework and a large number of addons that use it. Its a great site but there seems to always be confusion about whether the addons are hosted here or at Curse. There is some weird relationship between the two that sometimes defies logic. Its still a place you should visit often though, and may of the addons you are likely to use will probably be found here. Sometimes they are updated here before they are on Curse, so on patch day its a useful place to visit.

World of Warcraft development related sites

  • KahLua Subversion Repository
    Here you will find all of the source code for all <KahLua> modules. You are more than welcome to use Subversion to follow the development of various parts of <KahLua>. If you are an addon developer yourself, and you have contributed well-formed, useful patches, you can email me for write access to the repository.
    Extremely useful site if you ever plan on developing addons. User-updated and very actively maintained. Occasionally the information provided is a little sparse but it is certainly the best place to start when looking for an answer to most addon related questions.
  • WowWiki
    An older but still relevant site on addon development, and many other aspects of World of Warcraft. Sometimes still has more detailed information and better examples than so its worth looking here too.
  • #wowuidev on
    This is an IRC channel that is frequented by many extremely talented and knowledegable addon developers, and is an excelent place to stop by and ask questions. Don't ask if you can ask a question, just ask it, and most of the time you will get a very informative reply.